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Kids These Days!

Archie Hughes, my favorite 12 year old, has an awesome mom, who is also my work colleague. Archie with his younger brother Theo and friend Gavin, who is also the son of a work colleague, surprised me on Friday with the unveiling of their wrestling singlets.

Archie saw many of his teachers and friends of his parents wearing Gray Matter Matters items or having a warm beverage in a GMM travel cup. Archie asked his mom if they could create their own wrestling singlets, and of course, she started planning. We are considering adding the item to our GMM store.

This weekend, the boys wore their new singlets to a tournament where they were asked about the design and meaning of the graphics. This is another example of how my life with Parkinson's has led me to spark kindness and ingenuity of others, even 12 year olds!

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