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Wedding Day!

The wedding was performed by Connor's Uncle Steve. The bride and groom were holding hands throughout the ceremony, which was endearing. After making it through the rain storm right at the start of the wedding, everyone was thrilled to be a witness to the marriage. I didn't cry at all, which was my big question. It was so joyous that the two of them finally made it to the alter, which was a celebration for all.

The wedding ceremony went by so fast! We worried about so much, and everything was wonderful. Emily, the wedding planner made sure that all was well and we stayed on schedule. After the ceremony the bridal party went on their adventure for photos and we headed to the War Memorial for the reception.

Our enlarged family includes Dan and Connor, who have both been around for 7-8 years. The guys actually knew each other at Marquette before they started dating our daughters. Since all four of them were athletes at Marquette, they hung around each other. We are blessed that the four of them are friends and we never worry about making sure everyone is having fun.

Sammy made sure that there were doughnuts for Connor, even though they were cutting the cake. Many of our extended family commented that they had a couple of doughnuts and cake!

The dinner included steak and chicken in puff pastry. I enjoyed the vegetarian meal with a jumbo mushroom and veges in the puff pastry.

Our extended family also includes the soccer families that were a part of our lives for over eight years. Those bonds created lifelong friendships for all of us.

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