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Back to school shopping!

With my daughters and sister-in-law we made plans to head to the outlet mall. My sister-in-law invited a dear friend who joined us. We started with breakfast in Bayview at Cafe' Centraal where I tried a new item, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Oh my, what a delicious breakfast! The rest of the drive to the Chicago outlet mall near O'Hare was easy. With all five of us looking for something special, we tackled the mall. Gabby, who works at Laughlin Constable in Milwaukee was focused on adding to her options for work, Sammy was looking for the final touches on her ensemble to wear during her presentation at a conference next weekend. I was headed to one of my favorite stores, Worth. The fashions at Worth fit me well and offer a style that is appropriate for work and transitions well to other events. My sister-in-law and our new friend were just shopping.

We were all successful with finding the items on our lists. My visit, even though it was a long visit, was enjoyable. The staff were very attentive and I was able to find more than enough. I always keep an eye out for gray clothes that I can wear for any Gray-Matter-Matters events. I'm still on the lookout for fancy gray shoes.

As a Parkinson's patient, it was important to plan the long day well. First, selecting a very comfortable shoes is vital for the long day. The amount of standing and walking is unusual, so having comfy shoes was imperative. Also wearing clothes that are light and easy to change was just good prep for shopping. Everything went well and at the end of the day, I was just tired like everyone else.

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