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Visiting Toronto

Chris and I made a trip to Toronto to visit Sammy and Connor. The one hour flight was appreciated after a long wait to de-ice the plane. We were able to tour their neighborhood and came across this sign, which was irresistible since Gabby was not able to join us.

I did experience foot cramps that resulted in having a tough walk back to the apartment. My footware was partially to blame since the soles were worn out and the support was poor. I did remedy the concern when we got back home by buying new, tough walking shoes.

Another adventure took us to the St. Lawrence marketplace, which was full of surprises and tasty food. Chris made a stop at this bagel place before we went a little further down the aisle to the wine shop where we bought some ice wine. I sampled the seafood with crab cakes. I also was reminded that bacon in Canada is Canadian bacon. We spent a couple of hours in the marketplace

One of our dining experiences was at this German beer house, which was great food and beverage. We each sampled a couple of beers and good German food including schnitzel, kraut and sausages. For us that is comfort food. The visit was filled with public transportation including the subway, elevated train and the bus. The city is easy to get around and we had great tour guides.

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