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Spaghetti Day

My family loves my spaghetti sauce, especially when we shop at Gloriosos Italian grocery store on the east side of Milwaukee. While the store is small, the deli and restaurant area fills the space. We have our shopping list memorized, which makes the excursion easy. This is the olive oil and tomato sauce isle, so you can see how condensed space is. We have the balance of the hot and mild bulk sausage mastered. We tend to get lunch while we are there, but on this trip we brought lunch home to make meatball subs!

The small space and petite sized grocery carts are great for me based on the size and weight of the cart and the generally short isles. Chris manages to carry all of the items to the car in a box and use his remote access to the car so I don't have to do anything extra, which is greatly appreciated.

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