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Dance Instructors

In preparation for an upcoming article in the Mequon Beacon, I asked Miss Julia and Mr. Larsen to take a photo since they are both responsible for Chris and I dancing. Both of them have worked with us for years! We greatly appreciate their patience and kindness.

When we started dancing Miss Julia was a student and competed across the country. She retired as a national champion and started teaching shortly after that. Her teaching has greatly improved and we both enjoy her lessons. Mr. Larsen has kept me laughing over the years as long as he keeps telling goofy jokes.

Exercise is one of the most important aspects of managing Parkinson's. Dancing focuses on those large movements, which is best. I also work on my balance and muscle control, mostly with Waltz and Tango.

After learning certain moves, Chris and I transfer that to our dancing and then we work on the flow of our dance. Ballroom dancing is certainly a lifelong journey.

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