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Strasbourg, France

Our travels into France included a tour and time to enjoy the city. Papa was able to drive the scooter, including shopping for a sweater. The tour included a stop at the Cathedrale de Notre Dame, which was impressive. The cathedral held the world clock, which was under repair, but still very intriguing.

At the end of the tour we walked around the town and headed to the shopping area. Papa needed to buy a sweater since it was cooler than he anticipated. People watching was interesting, especially at the McDonalds where students gathered and were very social. While I was not able to understand what they were saying, their inflection within words and facial gestures certainly gave a hint as to what they were communicating.

Following a yummy dinner, we all went to the lounge where we played Rummy with cards that were found on the game shelf. Once we got the rules all set and agreed upon, we were able to play.

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