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New Family

As Sammy completed her work at the Madison Veteran's Museum, she stayed with Connor's aunt and uncle in Madison since she has moved to St. Louis. Her 5 hour commute was unique and luckily only lasted a couple of weeks. Uncle Mark, Tristan and Aunt Kathe welcomed Sammy into their home.

We dined at Merchant in Madison and enjoyed the Farm-to-Table entrees. The food was really good and I heartily recommend the restaurant!

Sammy was working three days in Madison while preparing for her newest job in the St. Louis area. During her last week of work in Madison, I was able to reconnect with the extended Callahan family. We initially met when Sammy and Connor were at Marquette. Connor was at an indoor track meet in Madison while we returned from a winter family vacation. Sammy and I drove to Madison so she could see Connor. After the track meet, we gathered at Aunt Kathe's since her brother/ Connor's dad was in town to attend the track meet.

We are so blessed that the Callahan family has welcomed Sammy into their family along with welcoming the rest of us into the group.

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