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Work BFF

Anne and I met over 30 years ago and have a lifelong friendship no mater where we are. We taught together in the West Bend School district at Jackson Elementary School for 6 years and have remained work-besties since then. One summer we actually shared an office while Anne dabbled in administrative work. Working in the same space together was one of those experiences that bonds people together. If you can remember the TV show, The Odd Couple with Felix and Oscar, you got us covered.

Since my diagnosis, Anne has made sure to be available whenever I need her. This was challenged recently when Anne retired. Anne and her husband have left the West Bend area and now spend their time between Minneapolis, Florida and Arizona. When Anne returned to Wisconsin to visit her brother in Cedarburg, she made sure to make time for me. We had a delightful lunch on the Stilt House's garden patio. Our friendship transcends distance because when we are together, we pick up right where we left off. Other than traversing the cobbled patio, Parkinson's didn't impact our time together and it never will. I hope that all of you are blessed with special friendships!

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