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Uzelac Reunion - Friday

The group is on bear watch again. Greg first saw a bear meandering down the steep driveway earlier this week. Yesterday Mike saw a bear while he was in the hot tub on the lower patio. Mike reached over to grab his beer and saw the bear about 5 feet away walking to the path which goes up the driveway. It was kind of scary keeping an eye our for the bear, but I'm pretty sure the bear prefers the garbage rather than us. No photo of the bear was taken, so we are going on the word of Mike and Greg.

Our family started these reunions in 1986! We get together every two years at some random spot that one of us finds. We were explaining to the younger generation that we used to use maps to locate potential locations. We would then send a request to the local Chamber of Commerce to inquire about potential rental units. Remember, there was no internet. I don't remember how we got the address for the Chamber since we had to use telephone books for addresses and phone numbers.

My sister-in-law Nan, my sister Lynn, me and sister-in-law Moia have been able to enjoy these gatherings and get caught up with family, work and fun. Lynn and Mike will be moving to St. Croix this summer, so we may see more of her while she is living on the island rather than Chattanooga.

Nan and Doug found a great gift for Moia that explains her need for coffee every morning. Friday was a rainy day so most of us lounged around chatting or taking trips into town like a tourist. McHenry, MD was a great place for our group. Adventures were available near by along with the grocery store and the liquor store. We all drove home on Saturday and stayed connected via text messages about the unique things we saw on our drives since we all went different directions.

Thank you to all Uze Fam attendees and we hope that everyone can join us in 2020.

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