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Uzelac Reunion - Thursday

Our golfing adventure at Lodestone Golf Course was very scenic. Brother Doug, brother-in-law Mike, Chris and I were the foursome for the day. The first nine holes were challenging due to the mist and golf cart only rule. Chris was busy managing his own game and also helping me with getting golf clubs and raking the bunkers that I hit out of.

We saw a lot of deer on the course and had to make sure they weren't on the fairway while we were hitting. Chris also spotted the turkey vultures in the trees. The sun came out on the back nine, and made the event more enjoyable. In addition, I gave up for the day and allowed Chris to play his game without also being my caddie. My challenges were partly due to Parkinson's in that I was having trouble grounding my self on the sloped ground. I tended to stand with my weight on my toes and had to ensure that I had weight on my heels to avoid tipping over. I did get tired, but that was partly due to swinging at the golf ball so often and having to play in the rain.Riding along and helping Chris get his clubs was a much more enjoyable option.

We headed back to the house where Doug and Nan started making their dinner. We all enjoyed a fish sampler meal with Scottish salmon, sea bass, shrimp, scallops and chicken. They also provided dessert of red velvet cake and a birthday carrot cake for me. We ended the evening with a great gave of Telillustrations which included Nana and Papa.

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