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Uzelac Reunion- Wednesday

Today is our day to cook. What that means is Chris and I make the daily run to the grocery store and cook for the day. We typically make spaghetti and the matching sides. Our trip to the next town, Oakland, MD was very scenic. While we didn't find the store that I was looking for, especially since Google gave me a store that was in McHenry, Ill, we did locate a local store. The store employees were trying to be helpful during the downpour as we were leaving the store by offering the pink umbrella to Chris, but we decided to wait out the storm since the downpours are short frequent bursts.

Not surprisingly, we overbought and overmade, but that's OK since Friday night's dinner is leftovers. The spaghetti was DELICIOUS! After dinner and clean up, we gathered for fun.

We started game night with Wits and Wagers. After nephew, Hayden, gave us instructions during a sample game, we were all set. As brother Steve shared, anyone can play this game because you don't need to know anything. Guessing numerical answers is the easy part and it does take some skill with the wagering part of the game, especially since I won that round. We then ventured into a game of Tellustrations, using both words and pictures to guess phrases. It is a combo of the old game, Telephone, and adding illustrations. It was a girls game by happenstance since some people left the game table, so sister Lynn, Sister-in-law Moia, and her two daughters Sarah and Claire joined me in a hilarious late night game. We capped the night off with conversations about life's lessons, which did not include anything about Parkinson's since my life is much more than that.

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