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Uzelac Family Reunion- Sunday Dinner

Our family reunion in McHenry, MD started with everyone's arrival on Saturday, June 16th with our 10 hour drive. The Uzelac parents and siblings, Lynn, Steve, Sharon, Greg and Doug all arrived safely with families in tow. A regular event is Sunday's dinner of crab legs that Lynn and Mike supply. There are varied extracted experts in the family, so they assist with the rest of us with the crab legs.

Brother Doug and his wife, Nan chose the location for this year's gathering. McHenry is a beautiful area with lush mountains and clear lakes. The house has numerous bedrooms in two buildings. We all gather for breakfast and dinner. The rest of the day is open for different activities and fun.

Brother Greg was fixing something on someone's car when he called us from the driveway to report a bear sighting. The bear was meandering down the driveway, walked through the property and headed for the woods. It is not uncommon for bears to be in the area since we saw some bear protection, like the contained garbage can wooden structures.

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