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Life's Challenges

Early this morning, my mother-in-law, Nancy Kailas, lost her battle with cancer. Nancy lived her life to her fullest and that included being the ultimate Nana. My children were blessed with having two sets of grandparents who showed them the value of family. Whether it was having family dinner at Nana Kailas's house or experiencing lively family reunions with the Uzelac group, my daughters experienced life through the eyes of three generations.

Nana Kailas was also one of my greatest supporters since she understood the importance of staying strong through multiple bouts with cancer that started about 30 years ago. For many of those years she was cancer free, but Nana K never let her guard down and was diligent about her checkups.

Nana K was supportive of my efforts to raise funds for medical research and was by my side as Chris and I processed my diagnosis. It is my hope that I show the same grace and beauty throughout the years. This photo was taken just weeks be fore her passing during her flight home from Florida for the last time. Nana Kailas is missed every day.

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