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Cruising Along

The four of us were able to enjoy another Christmas cruise. We left Miami on December 22nd and returned January 3rd. Our time together was special and really fun. The gentleman that took this picture tossed his hat on Gabby's head just before taking the photo.

Parkinson's had very little impact on my enjoyment and activities. Remembering my general rule of always using the handrails, I was very mobile and safe.

We had great adventures including shopping on St. Barts at our favorite store, Mascara. We also visited Martinque, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua. Our first stop was on a Cay that is owned by the cruise line. The Cay is relatively close to Miami, so ships can stop there as the first or the last stop. While the girls and I were lounging on the beach, I overheard this young man stating how proud he was of his Dad after being diagnosed with Parkinson's. I had to investigate! Before introducing myself a couple of days later, I figured out who his dad is and watched. After seeing his tremor, I was more comfortable chatting. George and I certainly connected as Parkinson's patients, but our families also reunited since we realized that we were all on the same cruise 5 years ago! We were all on the catamaran cruise at Antigua, so we were able to spend the day together. The girls connected with the other young adults. I will stay connected with George, hopefully and support each other.

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