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Brainy People

Today I was able to hang out at the Medical College of Wisconsin for the Brain Injury Research Day. I have to give a shout out to Wesley Hoffman, who thought to invite me. The event was well attended and I was not only able to sell some goodies from Gray Matter Matters, I was able to meet med students, MCW staff and other medical specialists.

The medical students were intrigues by my story, read the copy of the MCW article and made purchases that are going to be holiday gifts. They were especially impressed that the medical college would reap benefits from their purchases.

There were people who stopped by that knew me, so I kind of felt like a celebrity. Dr. Hillard, who is one of my greatest cheerleaders, was the emcee for the day.

Dr. Ebert, a Parkinson's' researcher happened to walk past my table and stopped to say hi. Being able to attend these events is important so that my voice is heard and I am able to make connections with those who may some day find cures for neurological disorders.

Thank you to those who stopped by to hear my message and support my cause. You all make a difference in my life.

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