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Football with Friends

Chris and I were able to watch the Wisconsin Football game with dear friends that we met nearly 20 years ago through soccer for our daughters. Katie Johnson, Jane Vogel and Carol Larsen are part of the group that has maintained friendships even after soccer is no longer part of our lives, our daughters are all employed and living their own lives.

We were also treated to a victory as Wisconsin beat Nebraska 38-17!

Being diagnosed with Parkinson's was certainly a surprise not only for me but also for those friends that I don't see on a regular basis. As Jane told me when she heard the update, "That just makes me sad." We are well past that point now and we all look forward to enjoying our time together. As usual, these friends look out for me with offers to carry items for me or point out that the stairs in the backyard that lead to the outdoor fire pit are not well lit. I am never offended with these reminders or words of help, but I also only accept the guidance when it is absolutely necessary because I have to keep practicing big and small movements.

Ladies, thanks again for remembering that our friendships, after family, are the things that are most meaningful throughout life!

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