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Summerfest Tom Petty Concert

When we purchased the tickets for this concert, Chris, Sammy, Gabby and I were all at work. Through the art of texting, the girls and Chris were all attempting to get in the website with the rest of the city. There were lots of worries about the cost, but Chris and I learned that these unique experiences are worth it. The time the 4 of us spend together is lessening in frequency as Sammy and Gabby begin their careers. Given temperatures in the 90's, we hydrated with lots of water throughout the day and evening.

Summerfest is a Milwaukee event that runs from the end of June through the first full week in July. There are multiple music stages throughout the grounds, but the main stage is where we saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Summerfest offers every genre of music and thousands of locals and visitors are able to experience lots of different music every day.

The concert was a blast and we really enjoyed our 8th row seats! Having the ability to see the emotion of the band members and see their technique up close, is a wonderful experience. Chris was able to see the guitar playing with detail as we sang along with most of the songs.

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