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Memphis wedding

When our dear friends, Boof and Liz Loder, told us that their daughter Katie was getting married over Memorial Day, we were in. Granted, the wedding was in Memphis, but Chris decided that the drive was worth it. Chris went to college with Boof and Liz, so our friendship spans the course of nearly 34 years. Wow!

When Katie was born, the family lived nearby although they gravitated toward the official "north shore" over the years.

The weekend in Memphis was slightly impacted by weather. Our stay at the Peabody Hotel was exquisite! We were able to see the ducks in the lobby fountain, which is the hotel's claim to fame. The Peabody is one of those grand hotels and offered exemplary service.

The wedding itself was in the Botanical gardens with the reception on the same grounds. The weather certainly impacted the event, but everyone was flexible and it all worked out. The severe storms that went through the city on Saturday, left much of the city without power. The wedding itself, which was on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, was outside and they were able to get the service done before more weather arrived. The reception was more interesting since the room did not have air conditioning. The caterers brought their own warming devices and the band had their own generator. It was actually too hot to dance more than a couple of songs, so our typical dance evening was cut short.

The drive back to the hotel that night was extra fun since the street lights and traffic lights were out. Due to the darkness, we traveled carefully and were able to predict the busy intersections, that typically were managed with stop signs or lights. We were able to see the crosswalks, which indicated a potential stop sign or signal. Our visit to Beale Street provided us the opportunity to indulge in BBQ, which was delicious. The music billowing out of bars and restaurants keeps everyone moving. It was a great weekend and being at the wedding was special for Boof and Liz.

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