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Meet one of the important people in my life, Adrienne. I met Adrienne through the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), of which both of our husband's are members. The first time I met Adrienne eons ago at a CLLA convention, she proclaimed, "Yes, I'm the Barbie that walks and talks!" Well, she startled me into our friendship :) One of my earlier blog pages was at the Chicago convention with other CLLA ladies. Adrienne's flight from Richmond, VA was cancelled, so she and her husband were unable to attend. Based on her need to connect and get caught up, she booked a flight to Milwaukee for a girl's weekend. Being an attorney herself, Adrienne shifted her responsibilities and was able to come for a long weekend.

We started the weekend with a lunch at Beans and Barley, which was great since Adrienne doesn't eat meat. We found this out at a Chicago convention about 20 years ago when Chris booked a dinner at a Chicago steak house for a group. When we shared the restaurant choice and heard Adrienne's diet preferences, Chris immediately apologized and suggested that we change the restaurant. Adrienne refused to ask that and explained that she could order the fish or seafood. Again, she startled Chris into being her friend. The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of family visits food, wine and shopping.

Our friendship is one of those special connections since we call each other to share something hilarious, send meaningful cards on a whim, and start where we left off whenever we see each other. I hope that each of you have that special Adrienne friend in your lives.

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