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Commercial Law League Ladies

As a member of the Commercial Law League, Chris has attended the Chicago convention for decades. I have been lucky enough to have been invited to join him. My attendance at the convention has given me the opportunity to meet other spouses and reunite every year. Lisa, Candy and Sonia are part of the group that make the event fun. Our missing friend, Adrienne, was unable to make the trip due to a cancelled flight and bad weather. As we were all getting ready to head our of town, we spent some time catching up on life. After sharing my story, each of these special ladies felt the impact and were instantaneous supporters. That feedback is always important to me since going on this adventure is always easier with family and friends demonstrating support both emotionally and through Gray Matter Matters. Sonia's wisdom and spiritual perspective was extra special. Thank you ladies for joining the team who want to make a difference since everyone as a story.

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