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I received an e-mail from a fellow ballroom dancer whose life has been impacted by Gray Matter Matters. With their permission, here is the story.

My husband and I became aware of your organization at Winter Ball, of all places, as we recently started taking ballroom classes at Fred Astaire Greenfield! We intended to pick something up at your table, but the day was quite frantic. :) I am a resident at MCW and my husband is an RN-turned-medical student who was meant to graduate in just a few months. Exactly one year ago (on 3/16), he was diagnosed with a large right frontal lobe tumor after suffering a grand mal seizure while on his surgery rotation in Waukesha. Needless to say, that diagnosis changed everything for us... last year was one full of surgery, then daily radiation for 6 weeks, followed by chemo. He was only able to tolerate half of the prescribed regimen of chemo, and here we are today. Four days ago he had his first post-treatment monitoring MRI, and all looks stable. He is back on his med school rotations at MCW, though graduation will now be delayed until 2018. He intends to go into Emergency Medicine. My husband is a dapper, dapper man... so we were both thrilled to see your lovely bowtie selection at Winter Ball! I was happy to track you down online, where I was able to order him that bowtie, along with a pair of socks. :) Perfect timing, as he is presenting at his first national conference in just a couple weeks. He will be at the American Academy of Emergency Medicine in Orlando presenting on his research involving the development of HIV screening protocol in the ER at Froedtert-- fortuitously, on the one-year anniversary of his surgery. I know he will be both moved and thrilled be wearing something so meaningful.

This is the reason Gray Matter Matters exist. WE WANT A CURE! Spread the word about our website and raise money for reserach. It's really easy, you just have to want to.

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