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Family Matters

My family celebrated our parent's 60th wedding anniversary in Nashville this past weekend. My parents, Fran and Dan, are a wonderful example of putting family first. My siblings, Lynn, Steve, Greg and Doug were all able to attend the celebration. You may ask, why Nashville, well it is somewhat central to where we all live and we were able to stay at the Drury Inn in Franklin. Brother Doug works for the Drury Inn company, so he was able to make the reservations. I highly recommend the Drury Inns due to the family nature of the hotel and the great accommodations. Nashville was a ton of fun, although it was cold and windy this past weekend. We went to the Johnny Cash museum where I found out that Johnny Cash had Parkinson's. We also went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, which was impressive. We also had great BBQ at Martin's. It was a whirlwind weekend, and I was thankful for niece Sarah and Sasha who were able to make the drive with me since the rest of my Kailas family was not able to attend.

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