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Cruising into 2017

After the busy holidays it was time to leave town. Chris, Sammy, Gabby and I left for a 10 day cruise to the Caribbean. The trip was extremely fun, relaxing and re-energizing. We left from Miami on January 3 and returned on January 13. We were on the Riveria ship that is part of the Oceania line. This was our 5th cruise with Oceania, so we were familiar with the ship and the options for fun.

We started the cruise with 2 days at sea, which was helpful for us as we transitioned to a state of relaxation. We then visited Tortola, Antigua, Barbados, St.Lucia and St. Barts. The cruise ended with 2 more days at sea. We all plan for a seasick free trip with Bonine. I highly recommend the over the counter medication for sea sickness. One little pill once a day and we were all fine. There were 2 windy days and some rockiness side-to-side. Everyone of the ship were walking like they had Parkinson's! I did see some other Parkies, but didn't interfere with their vacation by talking to them.

Scenic view on Antigua at Nelson's dockyard.

Catamaran trip on St. Lucia.

Some of our great adventures were a catamaran ride to Jost Van Dyke, White Beach, a tour of Antigua that included the historical Nelson's dockyard, joining the fun at a Barbados beach, surviving the wild tour on St.Lucia, and our return to Mascara, the boutique on St. Barts.

St. Lucia tour bus with 13 people in a van for 12.

My Parkinson's had little impact on the trip. Everyone was encouraged to use the hand rails on the ship that spanned 11 levels for the passengers. Chris and I were able to enjoy the dance floor at night and the musicians encouraged us to come back every night.

Travel and vacations are a great way to spend meaningful time as a family and remember what is most important in life. Parkinson's did not limit what we did since my family was always by my side to offer an extra hand. Remember to enjoy life!

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