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Happy Halloween

Carving pumpkins has always been a family fun day. Both of our daughters, Sammy and Gabby, came home to carve pumpkins. It was a great family fun evening. Lighting the pumpkins at night in the backyard is our tradition. I was able to complete my regular duty of getting all of the pumpkin guts out. My usual tool was still effective. Neither cleaning or carving the pumpkins was impacted by Parkinson's and I am still amazed at the little serrated orange pumpkin knife is the best carving tool.

Chris and I also completed our fall tradition of ordering fire wood and stacking it in the backyard. I was able to "carry my load" and assist Chris with the loading of the wheel barrow and stacking the wood while following all of the rules. Stacking a full cord of wood is also very good exercise. There are two rows of wood that will keep us warm this winter.

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