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Back to the Future

For the West Bend East and West homecoming parade, my friend and colleague Matt drove his DeLorean in the parade and needed a side-kick. Matt (Marty) and I (Doc), along with Matt's son Mason, entered the parade as the lead car for the elementary school mascots.

Doc and Marty

Matt and I both find it ironic that one of his favorite movies and pastimes has a major character who in real-life has Parkinson's. While it was about 60 degrees, Matt decided to drive the car around the parking lot before the parade. We were cold after Matt drove at the max speed, which is about 25 mph! The car was Matt's summer project, and a lot of fun for the parade. I do think that the wig was a disadvantage with my curly hair.

Official DeLorean

DeLorean Dash

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