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I had my 6 month check up today with Dr. Hiner and earned a gold star for my hard work. Chris and I were able to share my current condition, which continues to be strong. We were also able to share the Gary Matter Matters business with Dr. Hiner and provide him with the "big brain" tie. He promised to wear it tomorrow.

At each visit, which is better than saying appointment, we are welcomed by nurse Vicky. She is always smiling, asking about our family and making sure my needs are met. We look forward to seeing her and getting my hug. The first time we met was the day that my official diagnosis was determined way back in the fall of 2012. Nurse Vicky was there for support along with Vicky Conte. At every subsequent visit, nurse Vicky was our welcome committee. When we arrived this morning, Vicky wasn't at the sign in desk. Luckily, we asked about her whereabouts and she was t a meeting. As we headed back for the visit with Dr. Hiner, Vicky came to the front desk and I was able to get my quick hug. After the visit, we were able to talk to Vicky and offer her a gift, the infinity scarf.

Again, this is an example of my diagnosis providing me with a wonderful friendship and long-term support from my care provides. Chris and I hope to have many more positive visits to the doctors' office.

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