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Glorious golfing with new clubs!

After 25 years with my former clubs, I am treated with new "sticks". So much fun at our local course, Meekwon. I can't blame my clubs for my inconsistent golf game anymore. Golf is a great sport for Parkinson's patients. Walking a course and carrying my clubs would be too much to expect. While I share a golf cart with my partner, I do walk much of the course without carrying the golf bag. Swinging a golf club also is beneficial due to the big swing movement and required balance. Grounding myself well and using all of my foot is important. The typical sloping nature of a golf course is also a benefit because I can control my own pace. Currently, my putter is my best friend. I do watch golf channel, ,mainly because my husband is usually in control of the remote. However, I co learn from the analysis of golf in general.

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