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Uzelac Family reunion in Rome, GA

The Uzelac clan were reunited at the end of June. Nephew Ben is holding the drone control, which was awesome! We were all pleasantly surprised about the great accommodations that brother Greg found with short notice. My sister, Lynn and I were concerned about the laid back process Greg used to plan the reunion. We never should have doubted him! It was VERY hot during our stay, but we survived with the pool, air conditioning and lots of ceiling vans. Greg planned some fun activities including the bean bag toss game, which was enjoyed by all of us. Getting together every two years is a wonderful experience for our family. This year we were joined by friends of the younger generation. After they left, they sent Facebook requests to befriend the adults. That's success!

A highlight of the week was the lazy river float. Getting nearly 20 people to the drop off point, moving most of the cars to the end point and physically getting all of us in the river was an event. Once we were all floating down the river, our progress was impeded by the low water level. As all of us were traveling over the low water level, we traveled over a rock bed.. Much to our chagrin, travel became very difficult. Sister Lynn and daughter Gabby were the first to react and ensure the safety of the 2 non-swimmers. Nana's float was pierced and the float became useless. Because Nana is one of the non-swimmers, Gabby emptied the cooler, which had its own float, by tossing unopened beverages to the rest of us. Nana then took over that float.

The rest of the 2 hour float was relaxing. After returning back to our temporary home, it was noted that perhaps we all looked ridiculous since we were using pool floats versus official river gear. The experience was one of those events that the family will remember well!

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